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She is so happy that you are here!  

She used to be an idealist. She went into her current profession as a way to fulfill her need to “help people.”  She was drawn to help the most vulnerable, those that could not express in words what they needed or wanted.  Days turned to months, and months turned to 25 years of Nursing Experience in various areas of Pediatrics.

She has experience in the Infant Special Care Unit, the NICU, PICU, CTICU, Post-Anesthesia Critical Unit (PACU), and Medical Genetics Clinic at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles while working per diem at Cedar’s Sinai Pediatric Ward. She then moved on to Public Health working for the Health Care Agency in Santa Ana, CA as a Supervising Public Health Nurse. She oversaw the main Maternal Child Adolescent Health (MCAH) and Immunizations clinics, as well as the satellite clinics in San Juan Capistrano and Costa Mesa. Eventually, as her family expanded, she found her calling in School Nursing which afforded her a little more time flexibility with her family.

After 15 years in School Nursing, her passion for Health, Wellness, and Prevention spilled into her personal life as she realized that those closest to her were suffering from acute & chronic illnesses. She saw it in her immediate family, extended family, friends, neighbors, clients, and colleagues. She decided to embark on a journey so that she can truly “help people” who are ready to be helped.

While she still holds idealistic views in many areas of her life, she approaches personal challenges with a practical and realistic style. She can guide and support you, in the same manner, to attain your goals, so that you can become a better version of you.

She can guide you through your ACHES and to your Success!

A- She will hold you Accountable.

C- She will Coach you through the most challenging times in your journey.

H- She will Help you through your resistance.

E- She will bring you closer to your Edge.

S- She will lead you to Stretch your “can do” muscle.

S- She will inspire and challenge you to Success!

Last but not least... Marie is a heart-centered human BEing. She truly believes that the goal of any business is to improve lives...and that begins with her life, her family life, and yours.  Her health coaching is your vehicle to making sustainable lifestyle adjustments. 

Imagine... what it would look like to be the best version of you.

Imagine...what it would feel like to be the best version of you. 

When you are ready to live that life, Marie is ready to guide you.  

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